October 2015:-

My name is Hannah, welcome to my littke corner of the internet. After receiving a sewing machine for my 21st birthday and subsequently gently dipping my toe into the whole idea of ‘sewing your own’, I stumbled across the world of sewing blogs and indie pattern companies, and was hooked. My ultimate goal is to achieve a wardrobe were at least most of it is handmade – I am passionate about making it yourself, being more self reliant and creating a beautiful (I hope) and wearable handmade wardrobe. Over a year and a half since being given my Singer, I have decided to set about recording my attempts at creating my own clothes. A fine art graduate working as a cook, this blog may (or may not) feature over spill from these other (still creative) aspects of my life.

April 2016:

My passion for sharing my love of all things handmade on here is expanding from sewing as the blog stretches to involve my othe great love: food. A student at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Co. Cork, Ireland, formally training to be a chef, I hope to detail various foodie bits and bobs on here, as well as various ramblings about food ethics, production and general consumption. A break from sewing, the blog is still very much about being creative and appreciating the beauty in handmade.

*Sewing will continue to be featured on here – it is still a sewing blog, but now with little sidelines and add ons (one could argue you’re now getting more for your time perusing the blog).*

You can find more photos of my makes (edible, stitched and painted) over on Instagram.


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