Gingham Tulips

Pattern: Named Clothing’s Florence tulip dress

Fabric: Black and white gingham cotton from Minerva Crafts

I did press the dress, promise! Also the hem is straight – I apparently don’t stand straight causing one side to slightly rise up…


I have finally managed to finish this dress (which was only needing hemmed) having started it a few weeks ago now. I am so pleased with it – it’s the first dressy dress which I’ve made in ages, although as per I’m casually-ing it up with converse. I did have a few fit issues in that it was initially too snug a fit, but I remedied this by letting the zip out a bit. This in turn has had a knock on effect on how the checks lie so that they are no longer straight… but you know what? I’m over it. Life is too short for such silly concerns. I do not notice it (admittedly this is without my glasses on) and unless someone is really staring at me in all the jumble of checks they really shouldn’t either. In fact, this fabric probably wasn’t the best choice for this pattern in that it is virtually impossible to get every line matching up and/or lying straight. But you live and learn and I still love it – I do still think that this style of dress is perfect for summery gingham. All in all this is definitely a pattern I will be making again – as with all Named patterns I am yet to find one which I don’t like.

Anyway, that is all from me for now. Have a lovely weekend!

Hannah x














Foxes by Moonlight Dress

Pattern: Named Clothing Inari Tee dress

Fabric: An almost light weight denim weight cotton; it was bought ages ago and, as such, I can’t remember where from or the exact fabric details.


The Inari cropped tee pattern is one of my most used patterns; they tend to be my staple go to ‘what will I wear today’ garment as they go so well with everything – over a skinny dress, with jeans, under dungarees… However, to date I have only made two Inari tee dresses (see here) which I have worn to the point of it beginning to fall apart (blame constant wear combined with my early skills (or lack of) in finishing seams).

I’ve had this fabric stashed away for an age now. As is my usual habit I bought it on a whim with absolutely no clue what to do with it. Usually after a while of sitting in my stash pile inspiration will strike: not so with this fabric and it sat for ages. Until that is I needed a mindless sewing project which I could quickly get into without requiring too much concentration. Having used the Inari pattern a ridiculous amount of times I pretty much have it sussed off by heart and so, feeling guilty about not having used the fabric, this dress came into being.



On reflection, this is the perfect style of dress for this fabric. The weight of the fabric really suits a style with a looser, boxier shape, whilst the print needs a simple design in order to really make the most of it. I really love the fabric – that gorgeous print of full moons and foxes is so lovely and absolutely had to be the focal point of whatever garment I made. I generally try and steer away from heavily, jazzily printed fabrics for dressmaking simply because, despite being drawn to them, I know on a practical level they do not work as everyday pieces in my wardrobe: I prefer wearing simpler prints and colours. This however is the exception to my jazzy print rule and, having built up a good stock of solid wardrobe staples, I may introduce a few more brightly patterned pieces over the summer.

FullSizeRender (1)


A lovely friend, Jenni, took these photos for me at the same time as she took the photos for the last post. (We were very much on a lets get blog photos role.) Edinburgh was in full on happy sunshine mode and looking really very lovely.

Life this past few weeks has been very busy in the best possible way. I spent last week in Krakow with some friends, and then the weekend in London at another friends hen party, so all very lovely.

I have also, after months and months of the longest application process signed the contract and can officially announce that, as of the 26th June, I will begin training for the Police. I’ve joined the police!!! So it’s all big life changes going on here, but too much to fit into one post – that may have to be a future post on it’s own.

Hope you all have lovely weekends,

Hannah x