My New Favourite Dress

Pattern: Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges dress

Fabric: Essex yarn dyed linen in chambray from M is for Make 

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus so far this year. I just haven’t felt the need nor the inclination to write about what I’ve been making. For one thing the first half of the year hasn’t been hugely productive in terms of sewing; it is only in the last couple of months that I’ve had a bit of making boost. It has, as ever, been a busy few months between work, general life and exciting new starts and changes. I’ve made what has perhaps been one of the biggest decisions of my life so far and decided to give up working as a freelance chef, beginning in January a long and thorough application process for a brand new totally different career path (more details to follow). I am equally excited and terrified about what the next few months may hold but it feels oh so right and – for once – I feel settled and content with where I am in life. I’ve been venturing south of the border for the first time in years, having out of the blue and in the happiest and best of unexpected ways, found myself in a long distance relationship. Life is looking good. Besides from that my news isn’t hugely exciting, life as ever goes on, with lots of little bursts of happiness and worry all rolled in together.

So anyway, the dress. One of my closest friends Jenni sent me a message the other week informing me that it was about time I got going with the blog again and that, to force me into it, she would take photos. Who was I to argue?


Along with another friend, Emily, we are holding a joint exhibition in Edinburgh in June and, on a trip down to formalise plans with the gallery we took the chance to have not only a massssssiiiivvvvveee catch up but also a wee photo shoot in the glorious sunshine. Princes Street gardens in the sunshine is such a happy place!

I’ve had this pattern kicking about for a good long while now and, needing a new challenge, I finally decided to get cracking with it. I love the button down shirt dress look but, as I’ve never been overly fussed by collars, I’ve always avoided wearing them. This pattern however, without a collar, is perfect. The fabric has been in my stash a while now and (I think) goes perfectly with the dress.



I had originally made the fabric into another dress which had long gone unworn so was returned to the fabric pile. Chopping it up and squeezing this dress out of it was a bit of  challenge and so contrast fabric pockets had to be introduced as well as a overall shortening of the dress.


The dress itself came together very quickly over the course of a few evenings. As my first foray into Megan Nielsen’s patterns I found them totally clear and accessible. I can see this dress as both a summer and winter piece – ideal as it is or layered with woolly jumpers and cardis. The most time consuming aspect was definitely the buttons, but only fractionally.


Starting out as a ‘lets squeeze in a day of catching up and go to this meeting at the same time’ it was the most perfect of perfect days. Sometimes you just need to take a break from everyday life, ignore the hum drum and go and catch up with the people who make it all ok and who always have the right thing to say. I’m not a sappy person generally, but you know, just this once since she did motivate my blogging/sewing get go, huge love and hugs to Jenni. We all need a friend like Jenni, right?


(We even squeezed in tea and cake at the best coffee shop in all of Edinburgh – Love Crumbs. Go go go!!)

Anyway, before I exhaust all my new found blogging energy, that is all for now. Hope you’ve all had happy weeks so far!

Hannah x