A Very Forgiving Inari Tee Dress

Pattern: Named Clothings Inari Tee Dress

Fabric: Stripy lightweight denim from John Lewis 

The days between Christmas and New Year are long and lazy, with nothing too much to be hurrying on with, the most pressing part of the day being tackling yet another cheese board and having another crack at the Christmas cake. Whilst much of my working life does revolve around food, at this time of year it is almost completely dedicated to it – in this case eating more than cooking, something which I’m more than happy with. I’ve had just over a week off and am back working on Friday, cooking for a big family party over New Year at an estate not too far from home. The weather for much of this time has been awful, something which I am secretly rather pleased about as it further justifies days spent cosy inside sewing whilst working my way through a box set (currently imagining being somewhere hot with ‘Indian Summers’).

Kitchen window views last week…

It’s been great to have this time to work away at a couple of sewing projects, including finishing off a pretty dressy dress in a pale yellow cotton and a brocade pencil skirt. I’ve also altered a skirt which I made going on two years ago now – one of my first ever projects – and which was far too big; it now fits perfectly (I’ll get around to blogging about it soon..).imageAs perhaps my most made pattern this year, I couldn’t round off the year without squeezing out anther Inari tee dress. I think I made 5 Inari crop tees in total this year (most unblogged) and so felt it was time to go full dress with it. As a proper stash busting project I used up some stripy super light weight denim which I got from John Lewis a good 2 years ago now.

* I’ve only managed evening photos for this make, snapped quickly on my phone so the light wasn’t great and they’re not the greatest *





This pattern is already a very relaxed style, using this sort of fabric simply adding to that easy wearing feel. The actual construction of this pattern is so straight forward, the only variation which I took in adding pockets at the side seams. I say it every time I write about one of Named Clothing’s patterns but their instructions are so clear and easy to follow it makes the whole process so straight forward.

I’ve piggy backed one of my favourite Inari crop tees – made in the Autumn – into this post as I love the fabric so much (but didn’t feel it warranted a whole post to itself). I got a metre from M is for Make back in the summer and simply love the colour and pattern – I think it works perfectly with a boxy style top.


Anyway, that’s all for now – the fire’s been lit, Laurel and Hardy are on and that cake isn’t going to eat itself.

Hannah x

Slouchy Tartan Coat

Pattern: IAM Patterns Artemis Coat

Fabric: Tartan wool from Croftmill, bought last Christmas

This coat was meant to be finished at least a good month ago. I have however been on top procrastinator form and as such have been picking it up and putting it down for ages now. I don’t know if it’s just with the general busyness of this time of year, or just having a lot on my mind lateky, but I’ve been struggling to focus for long on anything, resulting in lots of started and stopped projects, or else almost there but not quite projects. All this coat has needed done for weeks was the sleeves hemmed and bias binding attached to the inside seams. Not big jobs but somehow I never quite got around to them until last week when I forced myself to.

I really really love this pattern. I love the style of the coat, the shape, the fit, the feel – everything. As my first foray into coat making it’s a very gentle introduction and I couldn’t be more happy with it. The only thing I think I would change is, next time – depending on the fabric – I will line it. The pattern doesn’t call for lining and I’m happy with this one unlined, instead finishing the inside seams with bias binding.


I’m really pleased with the pattern matching along the centre back seam

The fabric is pretty heavyweight so a lining may be too much – but, for a future lighter weight version, I think I’ll try popping a lining in.

I’ve been after a jacket like this for a good while now; the fit, shape, style and fabric are completely up my street. Whilst I can appreciate a super sleek fitted tailored ‘hacking’ jacket they’re just not for me; I feel all wrong in them, too held together and formal. And whilst they are undoubtedly very smart and stylish I just feel a bit frumpy/mannish. No, for me is a looser fitting, ideal layering, less formal style. The Artemis coat ticks every box.  Made from six simple pieces – four front and two back – with the sleeves cut as one continuous bit from the main body (hence the slouchy fit at the shoulders) it is a very straightforward make. The most fiddly bit was the two buttonholes, which really weren’t that fiddly at all. I’ve already got another one planned in a beautifully soft grey/black wool from Guthrie and Ghani.

I’ve got a few projects waiting to be finished and blogged – an Elisalex dress, an upcycled skirt, and a top – hopefully before the New Year. Right now I’m cutting out fabric squares and piecing together a quilt in an attempt to get back into the swing of sewing.

Anyway, that’s all for now,

Hannah x