Plummy Trousers and another Inari Crop Tee

Pattern: Papercut Pattern’s Guise Trousers // Named Pattern”s Inari Crop Tee

Fabric: Plum coloured suiting fabric from Clothspot (bought ages ago so I can’t remember the details) // Cotton linen mix from Backstitch (again bought ages ago)


I’ve been planning these trousers for ages now. I even bought the fabric – well over a year ago – with the specific intention of using it for these trousers. It has however, until a rainy day a few weeks ago, languished in my stash waiting for me to pluck up the courage to actually begin making said trousers. I’ve had trousers placed on a bit of a pedestal ever since I began making my own clothes. They always seemed to have an air of complication about them, of tricky fit issues (baggy crotch, saggy bum, too tight legs, too loose legs…), resulting in a garment which would look decidedly homemade. My fears were totally unfounded – I couldn’t have been more wrong and, for a newbie to trouser making, the Guise pattern was the perfect starting place.

I don’t think I have ever made anything paying such close attention to the instructions. I followed them meticulously to the letter. This is also my first foray into Papercut Patterns and their instructions are great – very clear with the illustrations super helpful in steering me through the steps. Such attention has paid off and I love my finished trousers – it is definitely my proudest make to date. (My favourite feature is probably the pockets – the contrast fabric is from a chopped up old top.)



I love the fabric I’ve used for the pockets – it comes from an old top from Ness which no longer fitted very well.

As someone who generally only wears trousers when I’mworking I’m completely sold on this style. I have already ordered some black fabric to make another pair, and have my eye on a few more trousers patterns. Trousers may no longer just be a practical necessity for me.

I’m wearing another Inari crop tee (definitely one of my favourite patterns), made from a cotton linen mix from Backstitch. I embroidered a very simple design onto the neckline and sleeve cuffs to jazz it up a bit and am very pleased with the result. I think I’ll definitely be making a few more like this!



It’s been a busy month with cooking work – October is always a month with weeks booked back to back as there are so many people up visiting the Highlands at this time of year, for the last of the fishing, the stalking and school holidays. November is a quieter month as I contemplate what my next steps should be. I’ve reached a bit of a bend in the road, at the last minute changing the
plans for work and the future I had in place just a few weeks ago. And so I’m going to take the next wee while out – to sew and paint and create. To read and think and plan.
And to blog – I’ve a whole lot of makes queued up for posting on here.

Anyway, that’s all for now!
Hannah x

6 thoughts on “Plummy Trousers and another Inari Crop Tee

  1. Well done on your first pair of perfect pants! And great tee too! Love the stitching on it. The Guise is a great pattern, right?! You should also check out the Named Alpi Chinos – also a winner. (and Named have a new pants pattern that I am lusting after too.)
    I always recommend this book because trousers are hard – even when you find the perfect pattern, the next pair can flummox you! Pants for Real People – best sewing purchase ever.

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    1. Thank you Naomi! It’s such a good pattern – I will definitely be checking out those named patterns too! Thank you so much for the book recommendation – this style is quite forgiving fit wise with the front pleats but I fear a more fitted style will be a much bigger challenge.

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      1. The Pants for Real People fit while you sew method is awesome. Like you, I live in pants and it’s nice when your necessity becomes something you can create with care and love, but that still functions!! Pants have to fit in so many places that having a good method just takes all the mystery out of it. I am by no means perfect, but my pants are now way better than they were before, and certainly fit better than RTW pants. And I can troubleshoot much more easily!

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  2. I’ve gone and ordered the book.. I really want to get fitting difficult pieces like trousers worked out. The guise pattern is a good starting point fit wise in that part of the waist band is elastic and it’s a slightly looser pleated style – something like jeans will be a far greater challenge fit wise. It feels so good to make something practical which I actually enjoy wearing too! Thank you for the advice Naomi 🙂


  3. Your ensemble is really great! And those little embroidery on the crop top is really cute.
    I made trousers once from a stretch fabric, using a Burda pattern but it didn’t turn out to be too good – the waistband fit was messed up, gaping at the waist.. I haven’t tried it since, and to be honest, I’m not too motivated to try again 😀 But yours is really great!! 🙂 Congrats!


  4. I love the trousers – I’m amazed it is your first pair! The embroidery on the inari tee is beautiful! I am psyching myself up for another attempt at trouser fitting – definitely need a new pair for autumn.



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