Drop Waist, Funnel Neck Dress

Pattern: Pattern X from the Japanese book ‘Clothing for Everyday Wear’ by Yoshiko Tsukiori

Fabric: Silver Crossweave Irish Linen in icy grey chambray from Merchant and Mills.

I’m finally getting back into a good rhythm with sewing, finding time in the evenings and at weekends to settle down with my sewing machine. As usual I have several projects on the go at once (I like being able to zip between projects (although it does tend to end up with the odd pile up of ideas…)) and am currently working on a pair of plum coloured Guise trousers and a tartan Artemis coat. Besides from a few Inari crop tees and finishing off my dungarees and Lumme pleat skirt, this dress – finished a few weeks ago – is the first thing I’ve made from scratch since getting home from Ballymaloe in July. And I’m so pleased with it!


I have three of Yoshiko Tsukiori’s pattern books and love them. The photography and styling is lovely and, despite not being hugely into frills and bows (which features in a lot of the styling), I want to make everything. However – despite many evenings spent flicking through the books, planning future makes – I’ve only actually made two smock dress patterns to date.

This particular pattern was top of the to do list and, having traced the pattern out (the faffiest job with these pattern books) ages ago, the actual making of the dress was super simple. Sometimes you just need to make something which involves no fiddly fastenings or zips and no major fitting issues – a simple over the head, pull it on number, made with minimal pattern pieces. This dress fits that bill perfectly.



It’s exactly my preferred everyday style. There’s a time and a place for super fitted garments but, for me, pottering about in day to day life, my go to clothes tend to be looser fitting, lighter weight pieces – effortless to wear but not scruffy. It’s a fine line I know.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m working at an estate up north at the moment – Autumn has well and truly hit, the trees turning golden and the stags roaring in the hills. It’s all very beautiful. I’m off for a quick walk, then dinner needs prepped – I’m cooking a seasonal plum and marzipan Tarte Tatin for pudding tonight. It’s getting to that time of year when everyone just wants cosy, comforting foods – thick casseroles, flasks of soup and fruity puddings with custard. All the best types of food.

Hope you all have lovely week,
Hannah x

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