I Made Dungarees

Pattern: Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungarees

Fabric: Lightweight denim from Merchant and Mills 


I made dungarees. The success of said dungarees is debatable, especially when taken into account the sheer effort it takes to shimmy them up and over my hips. But I made dungarees. When fitting the bodice part I forgot to take into account the fact that it would have to be be able to pull up and over my hips… A crucial error which I discovered too late; remedying it involved much unpicking, re-pinning and discreet application of poppers and buttons. Getting the dungarees on now involves not only extreme body contortions but also an elaborate system of fastenings and buttons. Unique you might say. Anyway, I’ve learnt from my mistake and next time shall be less concerned about the fit around my waist and more about the fit over my hips. It’s all about the hips with these dungarees.


2 buttons and 3 poppers went into the making of this bib flap fastening… 

I think I’m going to relegate these dungarees to the role of wearable toile – fine for pottering about at home (painting dungars?) but needing a bit of tweaking fit wise before they make the real world cut.

Despite this I am pleased with them and, as much of my spare time is spent pottering, they will most likely still get quite a bit of wear. I actually made them back in April, before heading over to Ballymaloe, so with the benefit of retrospect feel ready to make a new pair, fresh eyes enabling me to view all my mistakes rationally, unclouded by any annoyance.

A tired but ‘look how happy I am with my dungarees’ face..

Also, on a wee side note – 2 posts in one week! On a role!

Hope you’re all having lovely weeks!

Hannah x

6 thoughts on “I Made Dungarees

  1. Your dungers look great even if they are a struggle to get on, I think I would have done exactly the same as wouldn’t want them too baggy round the waist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! My chief concern was them not being baggy around the waist and I was so caught up in that I forgot about my hips – will definitely have to remember them next time..!!


  2. I understand struggling to get them on, however I have rarely seen dunagrees I would wear, and these fit the bill. I wonder if you could get away with the close fit in a stretch denim? That might be the way to go if you want the waist fitted.
    Love the buttons too!


    1. Thank you! That’s a good shout – I would imagine denim with a wee bit of stretch would probably sort my getting them on problem without having to compromise on the closer fit. Will try that next time 🙂


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