Arty Painters Tunic Dress

Fabric: Cotton Chambray from Merchant and Mills

Pattern: Dress with front tuck from ‘Happy Homemade Sew Chic’ by Yoshiko Tsukiori

I have to confess; this is not a new make, merely a rediscovered one. One that has been shoved, out of sight out of mind, totally forgotten about under a pile of fabric scraps, toile fabric and UFOs… What can I say? I don’t remember hating this dress on making it way back in June but I can’t have been that taken with it for it to end up in such a pile rather than hanging, proudly, in my wardrobe. Who knows? June last year is a bit of a haze of finishing uni, degree show prep, late night studio times.. who knows what I was thinking!


Pockets perfect for stashing all sorts of things!

Anyway, the dress has been rescued and you know what? I love it. It is the first garment I ever used French seams on so, on reinspection, I was pretty pleased with what I’d done; all it needed was a few tidy up stitches here and there and a good ironing and, hey presto, it is now hanging proud of place in my wardrobe as the ideal comfy everyday dress. The pattern is from a Japanese pattern book I bought ages ago, by Yoshiko Tsukiori. There are some really lovely patterns in this book – really clean, simple shapes which (on taking away the ruffles etc shown in the books illustrations) make some really beautiful everyday garments. I am partial to a looser shaped garment so much of the patterns in the book – as well as a lot of other Japanese pattern books – suit this, although I find I do have to take them in a wee bit to give a bit more shape and avoid looking pregnant. I also added to this particular dress the back ties, simply using the same crochet ribbon trim I used on the pockets, attaching them to the side seams. This helps to add a bit of shape and very loose structure to the dress.



The photos are taken at the bottom of the garden, in a glimmer of sunshine last week. It was beginning to feel a bit like Spring – snowdrops out, everything greening up a bit… But snow at the weekend reaffirmed that winter is still holding on and Spring is still just around the corner, almost here but not quite.

Hope you’re all having lovely weeks,
Hannah x


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