Map Tunic Dress

Pattern: Simplicity Dotty Angel 1080

Fabric: You Are Here Vintage Map cotton by Art Gallery Fabrics

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Welcome to the wild and blustery north east coast of Scotland! Scott and I took a trip on Saturday out to the beach at St Cyrus for a walk and a blast of fresh air. Despite it being December and hardly beach weather, it was lovely; the beach deserted and peaceful. There is something so reviving about being near the sea don’t you think? When you have places like this right on your doorstep (or in this case right on Scott’s) I find I take it for granted and kind of forget how lucky I am to live where I live. It’s all too easy to allow ‘familiarity to breed contempt’ when it comes to how we consider where we live, the grass always seems greener and all that; so it’s good to have days like today to remind me how lucky I am to live in such an utterly beautiful part of the world. Because isn’t the beach, in the North East of Scotland, in December, utterly beautiful? I think it is. It certainly helped to blast the cobwebs away. 

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It looks a bit rumpled and creased in this photo – sitting in the car followed by a good north east breeze didn’t help! But you get a good idea of the simplicity of the shape in this photo.


Speaking of beautiful, is this fabric not the most delightful thing? I spotted it whilst idly browsing through m is for make (online), not intending to buy anything, but which, when I spotted it I simply had to have. I had no plan for it at the time (as is often the case when I buy fabric) and it has sat in my stash for a few months now. I really wanted a pretty everyday tunic dress, and, after debating what to do with the fabric (it just didn’t seem right for a dress or a skirt) decided it would be a perfect match for Simplicity’s Dottie Angel pattern 1080. This pattern is a delight; simple clean lines with no zips or buttons, it is a lovely pull over the head, tie at the back dress. I made version B – the tunic length version – which, being short, is actually more of a short dress length on me, which I prefer for this style. It is loose fitting (which I love for a more casual look) and created out of two simple pieces; essentially just the front and back sewn together. Easy peasy! 

I hummed and hawed about lining it and in the end decided not to (purely because I didn’t have any suitable lining in). The pattern doesn’t mention anything about lining and, to be honest, I think that’s fine – I’ll generally be wearing it with thick leggings and the fabric doesn’t seem to ride up quite as bad as it does with tights. 

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The sea breeze is blowing my hair to resemble more and more a rumpled up crows nest. I prefer to describe it as windswept – a look I was totally aiming for.

It always takes me a moment to get my head back into the wording of simplicity’s instructions. After the straight forward chat of independent patterns, the language used by the big pattern names always seems more technical so that I have to read through it a few times. Or maybe that’s just me being a bit slow. I also learned how to make my own bias binding – I love the way it finishes the neckline and armholes. I’d never even used ready made bias binding before so this was a bit of a revelation!

I love this style and pattern so much that, no sooner had I finished this one, I had another cut out – this time in a blue floral fabric with contrast mulberry coloured pockets. Oh hey there new wardrobe staple…

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Wearing my thoroughly cosy and very sensible Icelandic cardi (bought from ASOS marketplace for a steal at £15!)
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Isn’t the sky beautiful!

Hannah x


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