A Simple Long Black Skirt

Pattern: Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2305

Fabric: Black Viscose from Macculloch Wallis

The days are really drawing in, night creeping in earlier and earlier, the winter moon an almost constant feature in the sky (when it’s not grey with rain). We had the first really cold snap of the year last weekend; frost lacing the fields in white, leaving cheeks rosy and hands and feet numb with the cold. It’s that time of year again when, despite wearing a million and one pairs of socks and boots my feet still turn into blocks of ice. I do love this sort of crisp wintery weather though – sharp blasts outside are rather pleasant and reviving, far preferable to the grey and rain of previous weeks, which seems to have returned for now.

I have this week free from cooking work (after a mad long (long) weekend working at an estate near Perth) to focus on painting work (I really, really need to crack on with some paintings…). The studio is getting pretty chilly; it’s in an empty stable which my dad fixed up and painted white when I moved home, so that I’d have my own space to paint in. As the rest of the building still functions as a stable, storing bales of hay and animal feed I am reluctant to put a heater in as this coupled with the quantities of white spirit and oil paint I use, make it a pretty big fire hazard – I shall shiver rather than take the risk! I’ve taken to working bundled up under layers of old jumpers, wearing fingerless gloves and consuming copious amounts of tea. Very glamorous indeed. Actually, it’s not really so bad; once I’m out working and am in the ‘zone’ I don’t really notice the cold and can spend hours at a time out pottering away. I have two paintings being hung in an exhibition next March, and my terror at not getting the pieces finished and dry in time is a great motivator!

It’s pretty hard to capture the details on a black garment, but you get the idea – it’s just a simple gathered black skirt.

Anyway, I digress. Both the cold and the wet offer the perfect excuse to settle in late afternoon and sew on into the evening. I have many things planned and a few things started – including a pencil skirt which is really more suited to the summer so my incentive to finish it is waning. I do plan on making a more wintery pencil style skirt soon folowing Named’s Vanamo pattern, using a lovely swirly brocadey fabric from Fabric Godmother.


I’m in skirt mode at the moment: I made this long black skirt a few weeks ago, over a few evenings. It is an adaption of version 4 of Simplicity’s Cynthia Rowley 2305 pattern; I’ve simply lengthened it to maxi, loosened the gathers and added a gradual bit of width to the side seams as they head towards the hem. I am slightly annoyed by the slight wrinkle at the bottom of the invisible zip – it’s not hugely noticeable when wearing it – which I suppose is the main thing – I’m just aware of it every time I iron the skirt. Oh well! I also omitted the side fastening above the zip, choosing to take the zip right up to the top of the waistband. It creates a cleaner line I think.

I’ve apparently nodded off in this photo… I much prefer getting photos outside but it’s been a bit grey and rainy so what can you do!


I’ve wanted a simple long black skirt for a while now (ever since spying someone wearing one ages ago in a coffee shop – I had instant skirt envy); it seemed a pretty handy wardrobe staple which would go with lots of things, all year round, whilst also being feminine – a good antidote to jeans. The black viscose  I used has a lovely drape and weight to it. It’s from Macculloch and Wallis (online) who I don’t think I’ll use again -despite their lovely fabric – due to ridiculous postage and package charges to the Highlands which they added on after I’d completed the order. Anyway, I really love this skirt which sort of compensates for the pricey postage – it pairs so well with so many tops and jumpers, and is really easy to just sling on. I’m thinking of making another one in a deep ruby red colour.

Incidentally, I’m wearing another Inari crop tee in these photos – this time lighter weight and in a gorgeous fabric patterned with astrology signs and maps. 

Isn’t the astrology fabric lovely! I got it from Mander’s in Glasgow back in March

Hannah x


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