Stripy Crop Tee

Pattern: Named’s Inari Crop Tee

Fabric: Emerald City cotton from Merchant and Mills – I don’t think they stock it online anymore; I bought 2m about a year ago.

IMG_0002 (1)
The hem is straight – I think the way I’m standing must have yanked that side up!

It has been a blustery, ‘beginning to feel like winter’ start to the week; heavy grey skies looming overhead punctuated with bursts of brilliant sunshine. After a manic few days at work last week, it’s been nice to have a few days at home just pottering about, catching up on painting work and some sewing.

Ever since moving back home after finishing uni I have been on a bit of a mission to blitz my fairly meh wardrobe and create a closet full of clothes which make me feel good and which are also everyday practical. Four years at art school has (unintentionally but unavoidably) resulted in a wardrobe where 90% of my clothes are paint stained – fine for long days spent in the studio but not, alas, for everyday wear. Unless of course you want to rock that scruffy, I don’t really care vibe, then by all means, paint spatter away (although some of them are beyond even that). Anyway, I’m fed up of a wardrobe full of clothes which I either don’t want to wear, wear to death, or else wear but don’t feel particularly good in. I’m in full on ruthless mode, packing black bags full of clothes I never wear for the local charity shop – wasteful on my part but I hope at least this way they will get a second lease of life with someone who appreciates them more than I do. My long term aim is to have a wardrobe which is largely made up of my own makes with ready to wear kept to a minimum. But we are talking long term – I’ve not given up rtw altogether, just trying to make more conscious decisions about how I buy and wear clothes.


Basics are key to any wardrobe and I have planned a good stock of tops and tees (rtw and homemade) to hopefully supplement and carry any outfit. As such, I have been busy making a few basic crop tees following Named’s Inari pattern. I’m not going to even pretend to act coy, I am full on in love with this pattern and style; simple and unfussy, with oh so straightforward instructions, I can really focus on getting the finish just right, without having to also worry about getting the fit right. As there are no major concerns over fit – it being a fairly loose, unstructured shape – it is a ridiculously relaxed top to make: I whipped this one up in an evening or two. I even have enough fabric left for another one. The hem is irritating me in the photos – it looks a bit wavy and uneven – I think I must stand weird, it’s straight in real life!

IMG_0003 (1)

It’s hard to get a good photo of the sleeve band with all the stripes but you can kind of see it here – I love the way it finishes the sleeve so neatly.

Needless to say, I have many more of these tops planned – this style is set to become a true wardrobe staple.

Hannah x

2 thoughts on “Stripy Crop Tee

  1. I love your style! I just read you live near Inverness, OMG! I’m totally in love with Scotland!
    Anyway, those lovely socks are IT.

    I’ll try to make an own wardrobe for myself, sometimes I feel like it’s ‘meh’ or .. you know, it’s not 100% me. And I try to be more conscious, i hate fast fashion. BUT for now the lingerie bug got me, and all I do is sewing lingerie…. for a while for sure.


  2. Thank you very much – I love a pair or woolly socks!! I’m slowly trying to shape a wardrobe which is more in tune with me and what I enjoy wearing 🙂
    Scotland is lovely – especially the Highlands, well worth a visit! 🙂
    I’ve got a book on lingerie sewing but haven’t got going making anything yet – it’s so delicate it terrifies me slightly! It’s definitely on my sewing to do list to get going and try making some though 🙂


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